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Digital Teaching eXpert course feedback

Aros approached Eiffel Corp to assist them with preparation to delivering an online course for their Post Graduate Education Certificate course from 2021. Their team requested professional help, as the focus on developing material to support fully online students, while allowing active engagement with students – required a different approach and skills from the team and developers involved in […]

Can the NAP™ Tool Improve the Performance of Students?

A University of Pretoria Case Study  The Neuro Agility Profile™ (NAP™) is rated as the first scientifically validated, neuro-agility tool in the world.  Based on the principle that “you cannot improve what you cannot measure”, the NAP assessment helps individuals understand their unique neurological design, and to optimise the drivers that impact their neuro-agility and brain health.   What is Neuro […]

Authoring tools in Education

In this episode of The Blue Couch, we are joined by John Nyamane, Authoring Tools Specialist for Eiffel Corp. He imparts his knowledge and expertise pertaining to the use and understanding of Authoring tools. We discuss the various types of Authoring tools and how to effectively use them to create an environment that fosters both […]

Building and Maintaining Strong Student Relationships Remotely

“Building relationships with students is by far the most important thing a teacher can do. Without a solid foundation and relationships built on trust and respect, no quality learning will happen.” – Timothy Hilton Those who work in education know that student success is measured by more than achieved grades. Research suggests that social-emotional factors, […]

The impact of e-learning in Higher Education – TUT

In this episode of The Blue Couch, we are joined by Dr Sibongile Simelane from the Tshwane University of Technology. She shares her invaluable insight on the digital transformation which she has been facilitating since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Dr Sibongile helps us to understand the challenges, opportunities, and radical shifts that have […]

The advantages of an LMS and Online learning

Digital Education is growing globally. Today, more than ever, institutions are having to adapt to digital streams and forms of teaching. With so many digital tools, applications and platforms out there, the prospect of digital teaching and learning can be confusing and overwhelming. A Learning Management System facilitates the digital teaching process. It should make […]

Best eLearning Consultancy Firm in Africa 2020

Eiffel Corp does it Again  Eiffel Corp is proud to announce another win, taking the title of Best eLearning Consultancy Firm in Africa 2020.  This comes shortly after being rewarded the African Excellence Award as the Most Innovative Higher Education Technology Company of 2020.   The Small Business Awards  This recognition comes from Corporate Vision Magazine, who runs the Small Business Awards […]

COVID-19 to change the face of digital education in Africa

COVID-19 to change the face of digital education in Africa Once the COVID-19 crisis is over, the face of digital education will change forever. Decision-making around providing stable and quality-driven access and productivity to support remote learning and working will be pushed to the top of the list. So says Myles Thies, director of Digital Learning Services at Eiffel […]

Understanding the world of MOOCS

In this episode of The Blue Couch, we speak to our rising star Mongalo Makhatho, from Eiffel Corp, who started her journey as a Graduate Intern and is now a Sales Executive, about her journey and understanding of MOOCS. We explore some of the benefits that MOOCS have to offer and how one can effectively […]