Authoring, streaming, publishing and tracking all happen in one place.

  • Offline capabilities where stories can be downloaded and completed offline. All analytics are synched when an internet connection becomes available.
  • Cross-device compatible: content adapts to devices, whether mobile, tablet or desktop.
  • Switch devices: real-time syncing means trainees can start on one device and finish on another without losing their place or content.
  • Group access: manage audiences in groups to limit access to content and stories to specific groups


  • End to end: Content stories are published directly to your very own custom branded learning app. So you can author, publish and track all on one platform
  • Personalised learning app: Subscribers have their own brand-aligned app, available on relevant app stores
  • Fast content: Users can author content via pre-existing templates. No design skills needed
  • Onboarding: Users are onboarded via the platform and app with virtual tours and guides

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