Course Merchant

Course Merchant offers a fully-featured eCommerce storefront, integrated with your LMS. This feature creates an automated enrolment once online payment is received.

Seamlessly Integrates with LMS and Various Payment Options

Course Merchant is matched to your chosen design, giving customers with an instantly familiar shopping cart, linked directly to your Learning Management System. Payments accepted include credit cards, PayPal and Invoice payments for both delayed and instant enrolment options.

Key Features

  • Instant enrolment of students with single sign-on access to courses when a purchase, of course, is successful
  • Support for multiple payment gateways with offline payment methods available
  • Configurable registration fields capture student data for both the LMS and other applications
  • Sophisticated checkout capable of processing tax, multiple seat sales or line items and flexible discount voucher or coupon codes.
  • Multi-seat purchasing module to allow corporate purchasers access to their own self-service seat allocation utility.
  • Bundled products enrol a learner onto multiple courses with a singleSingle-seat purchasing with instant or delayed enrolment methods available.
  • Allow credit card purchasers instant access but delay invoice payments until funds clear
  • Quantity discounts, voucher codes and profile-based ‘membership’ discounts ­available.

Reassure Customers with Brand Familiarity

Every Course Merchant store first finds a Design Match. Your corporate design will be applied to the store to create a seamless user experience. Customers will feel comfortable with the familiar branding, design and message.

Instant Product Access

Online shoppers expect a fully automated process, as that is what they are used to. Our single sign-on platform provides lightning-fast course access with the minimum of fuss. Allow corporate customers to administer their own multi-seat purchases instantly.

Multiple Sales Channels and Integrations

By building out your store in Course Merchant, you will gain access to functionality, allowing you to deliver products across multiple retail channels. Combine Affiliate Tracking code in the checkout to allow access to various global affiliate marketing networks, or your own program! Make use of instant ‘Buy Now’ buttons embedded in social media posts.

A Real Shop for Real Shopping!

Course Merchant stands out from other elearning-based ecommerce solutions by building a real store outside of the more private Learning Management System. This allows your customers quick and uninterrupted access to browse a complete product listing without any distractions from the learning technology itself. Standard ecommerce features that all shoppers have come to know are available, from promotional discount codes to multi-seat purchase options.

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