Modo Campus™
for Higher Education

Modo Campus™ enables institutions to leverage the power of mobile platforms through customised campus apps. Specifically designed for Higher Education, the pre-built modules allow institutions to connect with students on their mobiles throughout their day – with information from dining to travel. Using your existing LMS and SIS, Modo Campus™ offers functional, user-friendly and data rich modules – all with no coding needed. Staying in touch with students reaches new levels with Modo Campus™.

Modo Campus™
Mobile Innovation Unlocked

Engage with students at all points of their student life-cycle, from recruitment, to commencement and beyond.


Secure your app using any of our supported industry standards.


Something not working? Report it from your mobile device and attach a photo.


Mobilise students’ handbooks, operating procedures, online forms and registration.

Indoor Maps

Use detailed, full interactive indoor maps for navigating the entire campus.


Keep students, staff and parents updated about the latest news.


Create modules in hours for any event or activity.


Personalise the app for each user based on attributes and authentication.


Mobile access to local eateries. Link to Maps for one-tap access to location info.


View shuttle routes and schedules, with optional real-time GPS tracking.


Find connections, other students, staff and faculty quickly and easily.


Engage students by connecting them with feeds from your Social Media accounts.


Provide mobile access to your campus’s video content on YouTube.


Search, view, and easily add events to your device’s native calendar.

Opt in

Allow end users to choose their topics and groups of interest.

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