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DTX Series

Designed for educators, the Digital Teaching Expert (DTX) Series introduces the core concepts for teaching through technology.

Building digital teaching skills and capability in progressive and achievable steps while encouraging professional practice and relevant application to develop in real online teaching and training.


The Three Weeks of DTX

The Digital Teaching eXpert Series is made up of three separate weeks which follow on from each other. The DTX series provides you with a combination of fundamental, practical and exemplary digital teaching skills that enables you to contextualise, innovate with and apply critical digital pedagogy to a multitude of supplemental, blended or fully online learning interventions. It provides you with the opportunity to practice, customise and collaborate with others in developing these new digital teaching skills. You will gain confidence from the successful completion of an assessed and accredited skills programme that provides international recognition and experience.


Digital Teaching
& Learning Essentials 

Starts with a development path that provides collaborative exploration and discussion of the theory underlying the fundamentals of online instruction.


Introduction to Educational  Technology 

Digital Literacies & the Role of the Digital Teacher

The Purpose of a Learning Management System

AI in Education

Introduction to Learning Theories

Online Course Structure

Online Course Design

Sourcing Teaching Material & Content

Online Course Evaluation


Practical Digital Teaching

PDT moves onto a practical component that encourages the application of the digital learning theory to the online environment in which educators will carry out actual teaching.



Moderating Online & Competencies

Course Structure & Options

4.Course Development & Planning

Mobile Courses & Use

Course Content

Assessment – Test & Assignments

Group Management, Discussion & Moderation

Online Assessment

Grading & Grades Management


Creating Community Online

Retention Tools & Adaptive Release

Synchronous Online Teaching & Learning


Exemplary Digital Teaching

The DTX Series culminates in a set of exemplary practice engagements that raises educators to the level of a highly skilled online facilitator with the ability to teach at every level of technology integration with confidence.


The Emerging Digital Teaching Expert

Feedback, Originality & Plagiarism

Digital Course Development Project Management

Open Educational Tools & Practices

Personalised Learning

Reflective Learning

Facilitation 2.0


Group Based Learning & Collaboration

Quality Assurance & Evaluation

Analytics, Data & Performance Monitoring

Improving Professional Practices

What DTX Certified Clients Say

Let Technology Work for You​

Transform course content to a quality digital format, for a personalised and accessible learning experience. Learn how to use the digital teaching and learning tools out there to deliver your course with impact. Become confident in using them, so that you can focus on education and let the technology do the heavy-lifting. 

We’ve carefully put together a series of programmes that speak to everything and anything you need to know about online teaching, digital pedagogy and course design. Our Digital Teaching eXpert Series equips you with a set of skills to create content for fully online and blended learning. Our experienced facilitators offer guidance and help throughout the course, adding practical inputs to theory for the best results. 

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Applied on renowned programmes locally and internationally, we’ve rewritten our DTX Week 1 manual for a post-pandemic learning landscape and it is packed full of useful information, models and references for those building their digital teaching practices. Get in touch to book your interactive, practical part of this course today. 

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