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Welcome to Eiffel Corp’s NWU Landing Page! We’re delighted to offer resources that align with NWU’s forward-thinking strategy. Eiffel Corp applauds NWU’s achievements as a nationally recognised leader in Engineering and Accounting Sciences and a globally ranked university. This platform provides tools to support NWU’s multi-campus model and its commitment to academic excellence, vibrant student life, and sports culture. Our resources are tailored to meet the challenges of rapid technological change in education and the evolving job markets.
As NWU navigates the future, Eiffel Corp would like to support you with solutions that suit your unique learning contexts. Our goal is to help NWU maintain its excellence as we continue to adapt to an ever-changing educational landscape – together.

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What is a Moodle Certified Partner?

Moodle, the world’s premier open-source Learning Management System (LMS), offers flexibility and extensive features, making it a top choice for educational institutions and businesses. But harnessing its full potential often requires expert guidance. That’s where partnering with a Moodle Certified Partner, such as Eiffel Corp, becomes invaluable. Collaborating with a Moodle Certified Partner brings numerous benefits, including expert customisation, seamless integration, and dependable hosting services. 

Proudly Certified as Moodle Partner

Moodle is delighted to announce Eiffel Corp…as our newest Moodle Certified Partner in South Africa. This partnership is a significant milestone in Eiffel Corp’s mission to empower institutions and address the challenges in education in South Africa and other parts of Africa. “Officially becoming a Moodle Certified Partner will assist us in our mission to empower institutions with affordable, cutting-edge solutions that foster student success.” Stefan du Plessis, CEO of Eiffel Corp

Your African Digital Education Hero

At Eiffel Corp, we specialise in Moodle LMS solutions tailored to your educational needs. From custom implementation and hosting to dedicated technical support, we ensure seamless learning experiences. Our training for Moodle Administrators and educators empowers users, while regular updates keep our system advanced. We also offer strategic consultations for optimal Moodle usage, aligning with your educational goals.

How to Select Your LMS in Ten Steps

Learning Management Systems (LMS) are integral platforms where educators, administrators, and learners converge to interact, exchange resources, and participate in organised educational activities. Selecting an appropriate LMS requires a clear understanding of its intended purpose for academic institutions, workplace training, or various other applications. The following ten key considerations will guide you in identifying the LMS that best fits your organisation’s specific needs.

Cloud Computing: Gartner Report

The cloud database domain is rife with competition, and to emerge as a leader, year after year, is no mean feat. AWS’s position in Gartner’s 2022 Magic Quadrant for Cloud Database Management Systems validates its continued prowess and vision in this sector. As enterprises worldwide steer towards a digital future, AWS’s offerings promise to be a beacon for those aiming for efficiency, scalability, and innovation.  Learn more about Gartner’s Magic Quadrant.

Why We Partner with AWS

AWS offers the most suitable environment for running our preferred open-source technology stacks. Their comprehensive guidance on best practices means our cloud-based services are designed for optimal performance from the ground up. Eiffel Corp’s partnership with AWS is our commitment to providing the best possible  LMS experience. AWS supports a vast network with top-notch security, and offers the flexibility to innovate rapidly, ensuring that we can meet the needs of the educational community both now and in the future.

Our Client's Success Stories

UJ Transforms Course Content with DTX

To ensure that The University of Johannesburg (UJ) continues to contribute to the development of the African continent through higher education, lecturers needed a better understanding of the underlying theoretical concepts within digital teaching and...


Quality Assurance For Blended Courses At Wits​

Wits always strives to ensure its course content delivery quality. To meet the demands of technology, they’ve had to transform their traditional contact-based approach to education into a blended format that combines online and in-person...


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