What is achieved through grading?  Grading creates an opportunity for students to get feedback on their own learning. The process helps them see what they understand, what they still need to grasp and where they can improve on their knowledge. Grading also provides instructors with feedback on their students’ learning to inform their teaching approach.

Why is grading a challenge?

As grades are used to evaluate the work of students, it is important that grades accurately reflect the quality of a student’s work. If this is not the case, their work will not be graded fairly. Sadly, both students and educators often focus so much on the numbers allocated during grading, the actual learning process is disrupted.

Gradescope offers a solution:

Gradescope was built by instructors who care about educators’ grading experience, and ultimately the learning of students.  By combining deep instructor expertise with the latest machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI), Gradescope embraces modern technology to reduce the time and effort associated with traditional grading.


Through freeing up more time for teaching, we believe Gradescope can have a great impact on learning for both educators and students. Gradescope allows you to administer and grade all your assessments quickly, easily and accurately, both online and in-class. It not only allows you to save time on grading, but also reflects a clearer assessment of how your students are doing.


How Gradescope helps:

Educators upload their assignment or assessment onto the system, with relevant student information, along with sections identified as answers. Students then upload their completed assignment onto Gradescope, either as PDF or image. Student details (name and student number) are matched with what is on the system,  and so an automated process of grading begins.


  • Gradescope supports variable-length assignments (problem sets & projects) as well as fixed-template assignments (worksheets, quizzes, or exams). In other words, there is no need to alter assignments.
  • It allows you to grade paper-based, digital, and code assignments in half the time.
  • Gradescope gives detailed feedback while maintaining consistency with a flexible rubric.
  • It allows you to send grades to students with a click of a button, or export them to your own gradebook.
  • Acquire detailed analytics on both per-question and per-rubric statistics and gain understanding how your students are doing.

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