Technology is moving faster than ever, changing all the time. One of the challenges that come with these changes is, how do institutions successfully reach their students. What we do know is students across the globe are all using mobile devices. And they access most of their information via their mobile device. It therefore only makes sense to start here. In fact, 70% of South Africans have access to mobile phones. So how do you make a student’s life better at higher education institutions? Communication and easy access to information relevant to them would be key.

The challenge of communication

Past experiences have taught us that mobile apps bring information to students but can also bring confusion. If not planned carefully, various departments or faculties often develop apps for administrative or management purposes. The result and the problem is that there are numerous apps for different functions, leading to scattered functionality and non-user-friendly experiences for students. Consequently, they end up not serving their purpose of communication, well.

The solution

What if there was a solution that unifies various functions all in one app – a unified mobile campus app? Modo Campus offers this solution. It gives you the platform to build an app that is designed by your institution, that pulls all information and functions of multiple apps into one platform. The best part is that it is not about reinventing information and functions, but rather pulling all existing information portals to one central point where the student can access it, and where the institution can send their communication to.

The solution offers a:

  • A unified mobile campus app – all the information a student needs about their studies and campus in one place.
  • Engaging student experiences – share information on campaigns, causes or drives, built specifically for your campus, faculty or residence
  • Events, from new student orientation to graduation – develop content on a platform with all the information pertaining to a specific event, or even student orientation, in one place.

Is it difficult to use?

The goal of Modo Campus was to transform the ‘digital campus experience’ through mobile engagement. Modo is a no-code mobile app platform. This means no coding skills are required for you to build your institution’s app. Besides being easy to use, it also easily integrates with an unlimited amount of existing and legacy systems. The experience offered includes communication, engagement, analytics and optimisation. It offers all the technical aspects you would expect of a mobile app solution, without needing the technical skills.

Create a personalised digital campus

The platform allows for several modules, including out-of-the-box modules. If you can think it, you are almost sure to be able to build it with Modo Campus. It is also scalable, and the app can be customised to suit the relevant campuses’ needs.  Modo Communicate also gives you the functionality to broadcast messages via your app, reaching your students with personal targeted messages, giving them opt-in subscription access to information and even delegate or approve workflow via the app.


Data empowers you to make informed decisions and to improve the way your institution operates. Using Modo analyse, you have access to data that shows you how your app is doing and how to adapt the user experience to ensure it benefits students and of course staff and faculty.

The result?

Experience shows that a personalised, unified campus mobile app dramatically increases student engagement on campus – leading to a happier student, happier staff and overall better student retainment.

Interested? Please watch our recent webinar for more insights on the unified mobile campus app solution offered by Modo Labs.

Presented by Matt Willmore – Director of Product Management at Modo Labs.

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