The increasing pressure on institutions to monitor students during remote and online assessments has seen a growth in proctoring solutions. Contention surrounding proctoring solutions, such as accessibility, privacy, data security, and equity, have created the need for a different approach to monitoring students.

The Invigilator App offers a proctoring solution that strikes the balance between authentication of students during assessments and invasion of privacy. Hosted on an entry-level smartphone, The Invigilator also overcomes many of the issues related to accessibility, data security, and connectivity.

What is the Invigilator?

The Invigilator is a tool specifically developed for the education sector. Its features overcome some of the challenges presented by proctoring tools, whilst mitigating some of the risks associated with online assessments.

The app allows examiners to choose from a variety of photo authentication and speech recording tools, matched to the level of security required for each assessment.

The Invigilator uses artificial intelligence to authenticate photos, flag recordings containing speech, and generate verification codes for integration into an LMS (Learning Management System).

With all these amazing features to offer – who is behind such an extraordinary app?

A group of individuals, who have committed themselves to be lifelong students due to their passion for education. A couple of lecturers and a developer combined their strengths to come up with a solution that is innovative and accessible.


Nicholas Riemer: Nicholas attended the University of Johannesburg where he completed his CA(SA) studies. He has always had a passion for finance and education and spent a year in academia at the University of Johannesburg before completing his articles through FirstRand. He was bitten by the entrepreneurial bug early on and has also been involved in a number of private businesses. Since qualifying he continues to guest lecture for the University of Johannesburg, Monash as well as for the SAICA board course and followed his passion for education in co-founding a tool that he believes will add significant value to the academic world in mitigating online examination risk.


Jurie Wessels: Jurie attended the University of Johannesburg where he obtained his undergraduate degree as well as honours and master’s in taxation. Jurie is a senior tax lecturer at the University of Johannesburg and has been for the past 12 years. Jurie plays a key role in the administering of the SAICA board 2 exam and has extensive experience when it comes to educational technology within teaching and learning. Juries’ passion for education and business has assisted The Invigilator application to grow from strength to strength. It is Jurie’s vision that The Invigilator brings all the positives of online exam proctoring without the limitations to the world.


Matthew Riemer: Matthew attended the University of Stellenbosch where he completed his BCom degree. He obtained an honours in marketing from Vega before self-learning how to write code. Matthew founded BackAlley technology where he works on a number of different projects, including apps, websites, and games. Matthew was the sole software engineer that built The Invigilator application. Matthew has a huge passion for application development, and it was due to his gifted skill set that The Invigilator is able to offer the highest technology to our customers in the easiest and most affordable manner.


Dewald Joubert : Dewald attended the University of Johannesburg where he obtained his CA(SA) qualification as well as his master’s in financial management. Dewald has had a lifelong passion for education and through this passion has been able to bring the world a scalable solution when it comes to protecting academic integrity and degree value. Dewald is striving for South African universities to adopt a blended and continuous assessment approach and believes The Invigilator application is a tool that will assist in making this vision a reality within South Africa as well a globally.


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