Cape Town, 05 February 2018

Partnership enables kids to read

Staff from Fish Hoek based, Eiffel Corp joined the Nali’ibali national storytelling network to spark potential through storytelling and reading in Masiphumelele last week.   

Literacy skills are a strong predictor of future academic success in all subjects and children who regularly read and hear engaging stories, in languages they understand, are well equipped and motivated to learn to read and write.

According to Eiffel Corp Marketing Manager, Clare Reilly: “We’re committed to learning at higher education level, but realize that reading plays a key role in learners getting to that stage, which is why our team is involved with this reading project”.

Eiffel Corp made a pledge and spent some time at Bhongolethu Foundation, a few employees read to the learners and we donated books, pictured here are teachers Wendy Smith, Vuyo Jikijela and Busi Buti (L to R) with the donated books and children from  from Bhongolethu Foundation.

Nal’ibali is about recognising and respecting the power and potential of these communities in literacy development. It is also about working to build a larger community of people across the country who are interested in and passionate about storytelling, reading and writing with children. In supporting them to find more ways to root reading and writing habits in children’s daily lives, we strive to build a nation of powerful readers and storytellers