Take Your Next Steps to Mastery 

At Eiffel Corp, we continuously seek ways to create unique solutions to cater to your institution’s needs. We understand that due to the recent changes, especially post-pandemic, institutions are working very hard to identify gaps and improve how teaching and learning occur. This revolution compels us to transform digitally, and so, we are proud to bring you our Steps To Mastery Programme (STM). 

What is the “Steps To Mastery” Programme? 

Facilitated by experienced education and training consultants, the STM Programme is a far-reaching and effective means of identifying strengths and areas of development within an organisation’s digital education strategy, helping your organisation build the capabilities needed to succeed. 

STM Framework Themes 

The Steps To Mastery is divided into 16 categories, which are then summarised into 6 themes below: 

  1. Technology – this theme delves into how your institution approaches the adoption and use of technology to support teaching, learning and research.
  2. Leadership & Strategy – the extent to which your strategy suits digital transformation, teaching and learning.  
  3. Skills – Skills development is vital for a changed teaching & learning environment to ensure the smooth delivery of digital education.
  4. Budgets, Finance & Investments – helps you determine the resources your institution needs to invest in to support digital transformation.  
  5. Data Analytics – evaluate the use of data analytics to achieve learning success.
  6. Teaching & Learning – the process of identifying the application of digital technologies to promote the highest quality academic outcomes and achievements.

Why the STM Programme? 

This programme is designed to be flexible and customisable, so rest assured that it is tailored to your institution’s specific needs. After an extensive evaluation of where your institution is on the digital transformation journey, a report is generated to help us bring forth meaningful discussions for digital education to be effective. This report further identifies the areas where your institution is doing well and what actions should be taken to improve capability. 


Benefits of the STM Programme 

  1. Accelerate digital transformation with a deep-dive and guided analysis of your institution’s current and target state.
  2. Support, equip and invest in your team to enable student and educator development, and align with your strategic goals for institutional success.
  3. Work with our experienced EdTech consultants to facilitate, aid adjustment, and achieve innovation.
  4. Explore and identify strengths and areas of development to design a pathway to drive your long-term vision and organisation transformation.

We want to help you meet your digital education needs, so embark on your path to digital excellence today!