SETA accredits first SA digital training for teachers

Cape Town, 22 March 2018:  SETA has accredited the first South African digital training programme for teachers (Digital Teaching and Learning Series Certification – DTLS).  In a study run by Via Afrika, less than 35% of South Africa’s teachers had been trained in basic digital and ICT skills by 2011.  This globally recognized programme will assist with upskilling over 500 000 teachers in basic education and over 20 000 educators in higher education.

Eiffel Corp, leaders in education technology across Africa were the first partner worldwide to be accredited by Blackboard to offer the Digital Teaching and Learning Series Certification last year, and this month announced the programme will be offered to the public from May 2018.

“The accreditation adds credibility to this international programme, which is applicable to all educators across the country, and the public courses give all those who wish to acquire digital teaching competencies the opportunity to upskill themselves”, said Myles Thies, Director of Digital Learning Services.

“Aside from upskilling educators in SA, the SETA accreditation offers teachers 10, level 5 credits which contribute towards recognised professional development,” he added.

“Educators and Institutions are assured that the DTLS programme has met with the required academic criteria and aligns with recognized and relevant outcomes of the education department,” he said.

Thies added that apart from continuing the training programmes scheduled for this year at institutions such as University of Johannesburg and AdveTech.

Over 100 academic faculty at University of Johannesburg will complete level 2 by the end of 2018 to produce students that are equipped for the workplace via teaching pedagogy delivery using technology.  Key skills such as technical and IT skills are critical for student employability.

“An essential factor to achieving student success is whether faculty have the right skills to use the learning technology that the institution has invested in.  For many institutions, while faculty have strong academic experience, and competency to teach, some are less confident teaching with technology.”

“As students engage with digital literacy via social media, they have the same expectations of their education experience.  They want to learn using multi-media tools, that are available 24/7.

Anyone keen to sign up for the course should contact