A recent announcement from Eiffel Corp, a leader in the Higher Education software and service digital education space, has announced that the company has decided to end its 21 year-long partnership with Blackboard, an international e-learning company.

Eiffel Corp has recently sent notice to Blackboard, highlighting its intention to terminate this long-standing partnership. Reportedly the motivation behind this decision was largely based in Eiffel Corp’s desire to structure and tailor its services in such a way that it can be more responsive to its core customer base in African Higher Education sector and beyond. Eiffel Corp believes that the separation will empower the company to align better with sentiments and macrotrends in the African higher education space. In addition, Eiffel Corp is looking forward to improving its multiple offerings to “effectively serve the local higher education landscape to an even greater degree,” says Ian Light, CEO, Eiffel Corp.

Light stated that much consideration had gone into this decision. He outlined that, although Eiffel Corp appreciates the success achieved with Blackboard during the course of the 21-year partnership, the time has come for Eiffel Corp to forge a new and separate path. Light made it clear that this decision was believed to be the best step in Eiffel Corp’s pursuit to align its services more directly with client needs. “Although our partnership is ending, we remain fully committed to our clients’ needs and ongoing contracts and programmes. We greatly value the relationships that we have built over the past two decades,” continues Light. This step also affords Eiffel Corp the opportunity to diversify its services beyond its current core e-learning offerings.

Through the process of working with and learning from experiences within the African higher education market, Eiffel Corp has continued to grow and tailor its services to fully meet the continually changing needs of the higher education space. This experience has afforded Eiffel Corp the position of being considered the number one software and service provider in digital and related services for higher education.

Light believes that this experience, and the resultant industry expertise, equips Eiffel Corp to maintain its premier position and continue to service the South African Higher Education landscape effectively. This applies not only in the present but also in terms of predicting, shifting, and adjusting services to maintain excellence within this ever-evolving space.

“From 2020 onwards, we look forward to building on our mutual successes with all clients and partners and plan to share our exciting innovations with our current and prospective customers. We will be scheduling face-to-face updates with our clients early in the new year, and we are excited for what lies ahead,” concludes Light.

Eiffel Corp has made it clear that the organisation has a deep respect for Blackboard and the valuable connections and personal relationships made over the lengthy period of collaboration. Eiffel Corp wishes Blackboard all the very best both now and in future.


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