It is with great excitement that we share that the University of Pretoria has launched its new mobile app. Built using Modo Campus, the app provides valuable features for both staff, students, alumni and visitors alike – using different profiles relevant to users.

The design crossover layout, known as Mondrian design, was used to ensure optimal use of the mobile screen for the various profile layouts. The interface is scalable, creating a consistent experience on all mobile devices. The design and features are a result of an inclusive process, following a survey with students and staff conducted in 2018.

An app for all users, it provides accessibility to visually challenged users, through its text-to-speech capabilities. Users are also able to add favourites to their home screen, adjust settings or even customise their navigation experience for their profile. There is a secure, single sign-on, required for any feature that involves accessing institutional, systems or information.

For UP staff, self-service functionality will allow them to access personal information such as leave days and salary slips. Current news, events and even social feeds are also visible on the screen, easily accessed via a scrollable tile layout. Users can even read their varsity newsletter, Tukkievaria, via a single tile/icon. Other features include parking disc management and password reset.

The students at UP will be able to access their clickUP, timetables, library services and find information on study options at UP. They also access other important documentation and communications. To help new students orientate themselves, the app will allow them to search for UP campus maps for buildings, find lecture halls and entrances, various points of access, directions to residences and other key map info.

For past graduates, the app will offer UP Alumni services and benefits provided via their Alumni profile. Keeping them connected with both the University and other alumni, these app users will now be able to receive updates on UP, alumni clubs and events, and other information.

And the UP app will allow visitors to navigate their way through UP campus walkways and/or driveways via Google Maps. They can also find information on where to stay and places to visit, what to see and where to eat on campus. The app allows them to access campus information, including info on institutes and centres, study information

Are you a staff member, student or alumni member of UP? Or planning to visit UP in the near future?

Follow the steps below to get the app:

  1. Visit Google Play Store or Apple iStore and download ‘UP mobile app’.
  2. Install the app on your mobile device.
  3. Select the profile relevant to you and start enjoying the features available.

The University will be adding add-on features soon.  UP welcomes all ideas and feedback on