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Many higher education institutions across the world are forced to move to blended learning. As a leader in blended learning in higher education, Eiffel Corp is providing free resources and online support through our series of webinars.

Here are some questions that were asked during our first Webinar on, “Writing content for the online environment”, along with their answers:

Q: What is your advice for Universities in supporting students with connectivity & access to LMS and other recommended learning sites? 

A: Universities have to have Wifi at the campus, computer labs and again with the new agreement between government and ISP to allow students to access content hosted in the university hub for free. So universities have to host their content into their hubs then students will be able to access them for free. The government is also working with an increased number of service providers to zero certain sites. The institutions should consult with providers for a list of services that are being qualified.

Q: If your learners have multiple assessments they’re supposed to do or keep up with at more or less the same time, how do you ensure the flow of events so that they don’t end up confused? e.g if they’re supposed to reflect on each unit of the content, then at the same time they have other assessments.

A: Lecturers need to communicate (Collaborate) with each other to ensure they give students enough time to work on their assignments. I know this is a bit difficult as each lecturer wants his/her students to do their works. Students as well must be able to manage their schedules to ensure they submit their assignments on time. If possible, lecturers should consider alternative assessment types if not summative that suit the online approach.

 Q: What is the best way to include Youtube videos that have already been recorded and are available online to cover some Units for the content? Also in this platform is there an App that sends messages to student mobile phones directly for interaction?

A: You can embed youtube videos in the institution’s LMS and as well you can provide youtube links to the students. You need as well to ask librarians the institution policy regarding youtube and creative commons. If your LMS supports mobile updates then you should be able to send messages to students via the platform over a data network – this usually means the students have to have the mobile for the LMS in use.

 Q: How do we support lecturers who are still at the basic stages of using technology in their teaching and now they see themselves having technology as the only option they have to engage with their students?

A: You can create a community where lecturers can share their experiences and upskills themselves. At Eiffel Corp, we provide short training to upskills lecturers.

 Q: There are a couple of institutions that are currently busy with registration, meaning some students may not have access to Blackboard. Can you advise on available alternative technologies that can be used with Blackboard to enhance teaching and learning? This is to cater to the students who are yet to be registered.

A: We think the best way is to make the content available for late registration and offer to catch up support once they have registered.

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