It has been an exciting year for us at Eiffel Corp. It was an honour to work with our valued clients and partners in 2022. This was a year that saw great growth, various successful collaborations and some valuable lessons learnt.  

As a company, we must mark our partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS) as one of our big highlights of 2022. This partnership also saw our very own Digikamva Learning Management System (LMS) recognised as an AWS-qualified software. Another highlight was our first face-to-face event since Covid-19 hit in 2020. The event was a great success, with dynamic interactive experiences. The end of 2022 saw tremendous progress made with our in-house developed online storefront and catalogue, Maraka, as part of our Digikamva LMS roadmap 

Of course, our ever-determined, and hardworking team, ultimately drove our achievements. We asked them to share some of their highlights in 2022, and here is what they had to say: 

Digikamva LMS Solutions and Technical Support 

“The Digikamva customer success team has really enjoyed working with all our clients in 2022 and we really look forward to another year of Digikamva LMS success and enrichment! With some great highlights below:  

  • Halfway Group – Successful Implementation of U-Learn LMS and a great start to the roll-out of the LMS into Halfway Group. U-learn LMS is enhancing the training experience and management of training for the Halfway Group’s businesses.  
  • Beyond Zero – Successful implementation of Eclipse LMS. Their goals with their LMS are going to make a positive impact in the health training in the communities that they serve. We are excited to roll out Eclipse with them in 2023! 
  • NEMISA – Enhanced the look and feel and capability of their Digital Skills Platform by incorporating new plugins through consultation with Eiffel. It was a fantastic engagement, and it was great to work with the NEMISA LMS team. 
  • Nobel International Business School – Upgraded the look and feel of their LMS. Their site looks great, and the user feedback has been positive.  

The Bay Academy – We started our customer success engagements and have gained positive momentum in reaching the Bay Academy’s goals with their LMS sites.” – Chiro Park, Customer Success Manager  

“The project we had with Beyond Zero was one of the first projects we tackled from beginning to end as a team (for Digikamva LMS), with Chiro Park as Customer Success Manager overseeing the project management (a first for her too). The Beyond Zero team were amazing and helped us complete the project within a good time frame. All in all, this was a successful project!  We enjoyed overseeing it and ultimately the client was happy with the end result, which was the outcome we wanted.” – Dhushan Ramduth, Senior Technical Consultant  

Expanding into Africa  

“My highlights for 2022, will have to be rolling out Gradescope in the rest of Africa and getting AIMS on board for Gradescope as the first outside of South Africa deal. Getting excellent feedback from the Webinar we held earlier this year, that was an amazing team effort from the Sales and Marketing teams. The support I received from the Marketing team was out of this world! My second highlight will have to be Eiffel Corp reaching its partner target with Turnitin for 2022. My 3rd highlight has to be seeing the integration with all the teams across the business. It’s always nice to see what other teams are achieving and see that we have a clear goal in mind. My 4th highlight is also the focused approach, focusing on our own IP for 2023 because that means more business for everyone in the company. There are a million other highlights I could mention both professionally and on a personal level!” – Ntombizodwa Ndzamba, Account Manager 

Academic Integrity at Online Schools 

“This year was filled with new experiences for me and thus full of high points when working with customers. The first one that comes to mind is that I helped a start-up online school get the exact tool they needed for their online tests and exams, The Invigilator, at the beginning of the year. This allowed them to move ahead with their plans for future growth easily. Another achievement was that I established contact with some universities that were difficult to get a hold of, and now we have some very good relationships with the correct people.” – Pierre De Wet, Sales Co-ordinator  

Digital Teaching and Learning Development 

“One of my highlights this year was delivering the MUT Media Development workshops. As a media enthusiast, I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the lecturers light up and get excited about the tools and techniques they could incorporate into their online courses to enhance student experiences and increase engagement.” – Jenavicka Lombard, Instructional Designer & Training Facilitator  

“Developing quality education takes time and effort. It involves many different skills, knowledge, and innovative ideas. This involves a lot of people that come together with the same goal in mind. This year, a highlight for me was working with people from different higher education institutions, different countries, and different corporate environments to develop quality education for students, trainees, and employees on different levels of their educational journey. What a privilege it is to get to know other people that are as passionate about education as we are at Eiffel Corp.” – Jani Prinsloo, Senior Lead: Digital Learning Services  

International Digital Content Development  

“The Highlight of 2022 for me was the signing of two brand new international contracts for Digital Content Development! I’m always very curious to see how we measure up against our international counterparts in the Higher Educational space. My curiosity led to a big relief, and I can proudly say that our knowledge, skills, and expertise are indeed WORLD CLASS!! We can comfortably engage in complex and best-practice conversations, and our guidance and opinions are welcomed and respected by all. Can’t wait to enter 2023 with a brilliant Eiffel Services team!” – Selmarie Lotz, Snr eLearning Design and Project Manager  

Marketing Growth 

“From our Welcome to The Future event, to working on the case studies and seeing the clients’ success stories. The need for collaboration and collaborative mindset really stood out and that we are all working towards a common goal, which is to make education great again through the use of EdTech.” – Stiaan Swanepoel, Digital Marketing Strategist 

‘This year has been a year of such growth and building in our post-pandemic context, and Eiffel Corp has truly responded to the ever-heightened needs of our African EdTech sector. As a company, and as individuals, Eiffel is always innovating, and 2022 has seen this to new levels across the board. Eiffel Corp took home another MEA Markets African Excellence Award this year, winning Best Education Software Solutions Provider. Just one of the many awards recognising the pursuit of meeting our client’s needs and supporting them in their journey of empowering their students. Eiffel Corp’s newly branded Steps to Mastery programme is just one example of how we are partnering with institutions to identify and strategically equip them for digital transformation”. Joanna Reypert, Snr Graphic Designer

William H McRaven once said, “Little things make big things happen.” This year proved that consistently doing the little things well, leads to greater things. From a website re-haul to a face-to-face event and catch-up breakfasts with clients – this has been a BIG year. Our team has grown, our initiatives have grown, and our in-house offerings have excelled. And this year was just a taste of things to come. We look forward to engaging with our customers even more next year – sharing solutions that will continue to lead the way to greater access to meaningful education.” – Jolene du Plessis, Marketing Manager 


Finally, a huge thanks to our clients and partners. Thank you for entrusting us with your needs, for all the collaborations that took place and for your continuous support. Thank you for working with us, to help us achieve the impact we are constantly striving for – sustainable digital education that empowers student success. 

We can’t wait to see what 2023 has in store for Higher Education and EdTech in Africa!