The COVID-19 pandemic has created a paradigm shift in all spheres of life.

In this webinar, we focused on teaching and learning in TVET colleges and the shift from traditional teaching and learning to online teaching and learning.

Our Director of Digital Learning Services, Myles Thies, addressed digital learning within the context of TVET Colleges; touching on the communities TVET’s serve, as well as students’ use, access and experience when it comes to technology.

The webinar touched on the following questions:

  • How can TVETS meet the needs of digital learning?
  • Practical considerations?
  • The importance of Digital Teaching Strategy?
  • TVET lecturer skills base and preparation for online learning?
  • How does an LMS support learning?
  • What skills do stakeholders need to support TVET digital teaching?

Watch the recording in the video below. For more information on our Digikamva LMS (Learning Management System), click here

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