The COVID-19 pandemic has truly created a paradigm shift in all spheres of life. In this webinar, we focused specifically on the Walter Sisulu Institution, as they embark on the very necessary transition to online teaching.

Topics of discussion:

  • Content creation
  • An engaging student in the online environment

We had some questions during the session that we would like to share feedback on.


Question: When I select my students not to see my content, I also can’t see it when I go to student view.

Answer: The reason you may hide it is when you are still working on it or you want it to be available at a particular time.  Like for instance when they completed a certain task as a prerequisite

*This was demonstrated in the practical session that Elvis did. Please see the webinar recording too.

Question: In terms of tracking the number of views, how do you pull out the report in order to check the students who actually viewed the content.

Answer: This was demonstrated in the practical session that Elvis did. Can be watched on the Webinar.       


Question: So do you put anything under these chapters? In other words, you don’t upload any content?

A: Content needs to be added to each Chapter that is created. You can develop your content as your chapter unfolds. But you need to design a suitable structure for each chapter from introduction to subtopics of your chapter.

A: You upload content as you have done in your learner guides.

 Question: Can I upload PowerPoint slides as content? Or should it be in pdf format only?

A: PowerPoint slides can be uploaded along with other resources such as videos and images. Documents can also be uploaded in Word or PDF formats. You can upload your ppt using the attachment icon and add voice audio to those presentations if you wanted to. It is always good to upload the content you’ve developed yourself. And add PDF as an additional resource.

A: You just flip your learner guide into online learner guide using these tools,

Question: Can you convert your own ppt into a compressed video presentation and upload

A: Yes, you can also add a recording of your voice talking the learners through the content/material. Innovative ideas are supported on the platform. This helps especially if the presentation is long – it guides students through the presentation.


Question: In terms of data for students, will it affect them when they download a PowerPoint video?

A: The videos uploaded on the course should generally be watched/played and not downloaded as this will impact data consumption.

A: It always costly for students to download.  We, therefore, encourage lecturers to make material available that they can use offline.

Question: Are students aware of the difference between downloading and working on the material offline?

A: It is very important to make them aware of this so that they know how to see the difference.  This function depends on the platform.


Question: What are the other online platforms, aside from WiSeUp, that one can use for effective teaching and learning?

A: Google Classroom, Zoom, Seesaw, Microsoft Teams, Skype, Microsoft Teams and many more.  The internet will also provide you with other tools if you search.


Question: How often are we going to have these webinars

A: You are free to send requests for webinars and we will see how we can accommodate you.  We are hoping to organise more webinars but we have found that there are complaints about data usage.

A: The Discussion Forum can also be set up for when you perhaps want to have a live meeting or lesson virtually and as a live session or conducting a demonstration.